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Let our years of experience, our knowledge of industry leading chemistry and friendly service contribute to the ambiance and enjoyment of your swimming pool. Our professional staff and knowledgeable owners have been in the industry for decades and have encountered just about every imaginable situation regarding a swimming pool.
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At Island Leisure Pool and Spa Service, we believe that one of the most important factors affecting your pool or spa and it’s cost of operation is the maintenance of your water chemistry. Properly balanced water, containing the correct additives in the correct proportions, leads to longer equipment life, longer plaster or surface life, less skin and eye irritation and quite simply, a more enjoyable pool and spa bathing experience. Our attention to the quality of your water chemistry leads to a clearer body of water that sparkles, almost beckoning for your enjoyment. As part of every monthly service plan, a manager or owner will visit your account once a month to ensure your satisfaction as part of our personalized quality control system. That’s how sure we are about our quality of service. In fact, we guarantee it. If you don’t feel your pool or spa water is clearer and more enjoyable than ever before, we will happily fully refund your first month of service.

BluWater Chemistry


Our advanced chemistry results in less eye and skin irritation as well as a lower chlorine demand in the swimming pool and spa. Let’s remember, chlorine is a halogen and it’s sole purpose in the pool or spa is to kill bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. In high concentrations, it also has an adverse affect on more complex organisms. Water PH is essential to the efficiency of the chlorine in your swimming pool and maintaining a consistent PH allows your sanitizer to stay sufficiently active, while not so overactive it depletes itself unnecessarily. Most people attribute the red and burning eye sensation after a swim to the chlorine, when most often it’s the PH. A water’s alkalinity is it’s buffer to fluctuations to PH. Maintaining alkalinity correctly leads to less fluctuation in PH and therefore, a more enjoyable pool.

Reliability & Dependability

Reliability is always important but never more so than in an industry where we visit a multitude of homes across the county. As service technicians, we can not always make it to every service appointment on time. Each pool and spa has it’s own characteristics and issues resulting in unexpected delay’s from time to time. Each client deserves our attention to their project from start through completion and this can result in delays. However, it is our responsibility to you, our customer, to let you know if we are running late or need to reschedule an appointment for any reason. We are committed that we will arrive or call within 15 minutes of our scheduled arrival, every time.

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