Phosphate & Algae Removal with BluWater Startup Service - Mike E. Satellite Beach

Mike called us complaining about his filter plugging up every 3 days from the amount bugs landing on the surface and an algae problem that he just couldn't cure. He told us that he was using 5-10 gallons of liquid chlorine each week and yet still had yellow algae he could't brush from the wall and a cloudy green hue to the water.

So, he was a perfect candidate for our 3 of our specialty services, phosphate removal, algae removal, and the BluWater startup service. First we needed to remove the algae and begin treating the phosphates. His phosphate reading was the highest I've ever seen, over 5000 ppb. The entire treatment took over 3 weeks and almost an entire gallon of our commercial phosphate remover. We had to wash the filter twice daily and recommend Mike cut back some of the plants in his yard giving nest to the white flies destroying his pool. After all was said and done Mike had his beautiful pool back and a whole new level of enjoyment to experience.

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