Algae Removal Services

It’s warming up outside, is your pool ready for a swim? Does it have any green, yellow, black or even worse, Pink algae in it? We offer a few easy to understand and competitively priced packages to get your pool ready for a swim. Let us get it ready for you, then all you do is swim!! After all…. That’s what it is for!

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Green Algae

BluCabana offers green pool or “swamp” cleanup packages ranging from “light” green to complete swamp cleanups. These services take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending upon the severity of the problem and the type of equipment you have on your pool. Some pump and filter combinations simply do a better job at cleaning up the water. If you are in need of any stage of a swamp cleanup, please call today in order to get a quote before the problem gets worse. Swamp pools can damage all of your equipment, plaster and tile so don’t hesitate. Call Today!!

Yellow Algae

We also offer yellow algae treatments. Mustard algae’s are usually airborne and can build up resistance to chlorine. Therefore, special chemicals are required to kill these types of algae. Unfortunately because of the aforementioned facts, mustard algae can easily reinfect the pool and at BluCabana, we treat for phosphates as part of a yellow algae removal service. While these types of algae are usually not destructive to the pool or equipment, they tend to be unsightly and a nuisance to your beautiful pool. Call today for a quote to remove yellow algae!!

Black Algae

Black algae is a bit of a pool virus. It roots itself into the surface and so can hide from the chemicals dissolved in your pool water. Therefore, the removal of black algae is usually temporary. Your best combatant to black algae is good and consistent water chemistry and regular brushing. For customers with black algae problems, we usually recommend a salt generator and regular service provided by the homeowner or a professional. Black algae, if left untreated, will eventually take over the plaster surface of your pool. Call today for more information about black algae removal and maintenance!!

Pink Algae

Pink algae is quite simply the worst algae you can have in your pool. The fact is, pink algae is not algae at all… it’s bacteria. Therefore, this requires a breakpoint level of chlorination and multiple bacteria tests after treatment to confirm removal. Swimming during this time is obviously not advised and safety is of crucial importance. Please call us today if you believe you have pink algae!


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