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Phosphate removal is an important service we have found ourselves offering more and more often over the years. I don’t know whether it’s coming from fertilizers, sprinklers, children, animals, leaves or simply the air but phosphates have been finding their way into the pools with greater ease. Stop battling the invisible pool virus…

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One of the primary food sources for aquatic plant life is phosphates. Therefore if you have lot’s of phosphates, you are unintentionally leaving lots of food for the algae laying around. To further complicate the matter, chlorine will attack the phosphates killing itself. However, chlorine is not effective at killing or removing phosphates from the pool resulting in unnecessary depletion of your chlorine. So, you feed the algae at the same time you are killing off the chlorine in your pool which is your primary combatant to algae growth. Some forms of algae growth can become resistant to chlorine, further creating potential for additional algae growth. Phosphate removal takes 3-10 days depending upon the severity of the problem and the type of equipment you have on your pool. Some pump and filter combinations simply do a better job at cleaning up the water. The chemicals used to remove phosphates help to coagulate the small phosphate particles into larger globs that can be captured by the filter. This usually results in a cloudy pool for the duration of the treatment. However, this clears up over a few days as the pool circulates resulting in the removal of the phosphates when the filter is cleaned. There is a simple test for phosphates in your pool that takes about 6 minutes to complete. So, call or schedule service today to have us evaluate your phosphate situation!


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