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Tired of taking care of your own pool? How about the bleach stains in the back of your car? Let our trained professionals and water chemistry experts care for your pool, protecting your equipment and your finish. Our “BluWater” chemistry formula will leave you with more time to enjoy your pool!

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BluCabana will attend to your swimming pool weekly to inspect and manage your equipment and water chemistry. Our primary goal is to provide you with clean, clear and thoroughly enjoyable bathing experience by providing the following services every time we come,

  • Vacuum floors and steps
  • Surface skimming / netting
  • Filter inspection and cleaning
  • Brush walls and tile line
  • Clean and empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Cycle all equipment to ensure operational and free of leaks
  • Complete BluWater chemistry care
  • **Deck washing and weed maintenance available for additional fee

BluWater Chemistry care for a swimming pool includes management of free and total chlorine, alkalinity, ph and cyanic acid (which we eliminate altogether in salt or indoor pools). Our BluWater chemistry results in less eye and skin irritation as well as a lower chlorine demand in the swimming pool. Water PH is essential to the efficiency of the chlorine in your swimming pool and maintaining a consistent PH allows your sanitizer to stay sufficiently active, while not so overactive it depletes itself unnecessarily. Have you ever looked down into your pool at night directly in front of the light? You will most likely notice tiny bubbles floating past the light cone. We generally see a reduction in these particles of up to 70%!! Poor chemistry leads to an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe bathing experience while also contributing significantly to equipment degradation. The heater(s), pump(s), chlorinator(s), filter(s), light gasket(s), surface plaster and white goods along with the labor costs associated with replacement can represent a significant cost of ownership. Our BluWater chemistry helps to protect and prolong these expensive parts of your swimming pool as well as inhibits the growth of all the little things you want to avoid. This leads to a lower cost of operation and a more enjoyable bathing experience!!

Buy now or call today to experience the ‘Blu’ Difference!!

*If you use your pool daily, heat your pool over 85 degrees or have heavy foliage entering the pool, you may need service more than once a week to ensure great water chemistry. BluCabana can visit your residence as many times as necessary to suit your personal needs. Residentially, this is often no more than twice a week. However, the majority of our customers are perfectly happy with once a week service as described above. Additional fees are associated with additional days of service.

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