Portable Hot Tub Cleaning and Water Chemistry Service

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Do you enjoy your hot tub on a regular basis? Is it part of your medical or therapeutic regiment? An unmanaged hot tub is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and many viruses. So, proper chemistry is essential for your safety and enjoyment. Enjoy the experience and piece of mind from a professionally maintained portable hot tub.


BluCabana will visit your account every week to inspect and manage your portable hot tub. Our goal is to provide you with a clean, clear and thoroughly enjoyable bathing experience by providing the following services every time we come,

  • Vacuum floor and seats to waste
  • Surface and water column skimming / netting
  • Filter inspection and rinsing
  • Wipe down shell, cabinet and cover with clean cloth
  • Cycle all equipment to ensure operational
  • Visually inspect surroundings for indications of leaks
  • Complete BluWater chemistry care
  • ** Cover protectant available for additional fee

Complete BluWater chemistry care for a hot tub includes management of a bromine residual, alkalinity, PH and cyanic acid (to ensure drain & refill if too high). Chlorine will begin to gas off in your hot tub when the water is over 88 degrees at a much faster rate. This is why we use Chlorine’s lazy cousin, Bromine. When used in combination, the two have a synergistic effect that provides an amazing level of sanitation. Poor chemistry leads to an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe bathing experience while also contributing significantly to equipment degradation. The heating element, pump(s) and filter(s) along with the labor costs associated with replacement can represent a significant cost of ownership. Our BluWater chemistry helps to protect and prolong these expensive parts of your hot tub as well as inhibits the growth of all the little things you want to avoid. This leads to a lower cost of operation and a more enjoyable hot tub!!

Buy now or call today to experience the ‘Blu’ Difference!!

*If you use your hot tub daily, a daily chlorine dose applied by the spa owner is suggested for proper sanitation. Alternatively, an ozone generator or more than one day of service per week would ensure great water chemistry. Additional fees are associated with additional days of service.

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