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We provide quality servicing of all pool on an ongoing, regular basis. We are committed to providing excellent value for money to all our
customers. We do not add unnecessary chemicals, thereby lowering the cost to you.

One Time Service and Treatment Pricing


Our trained technicians will test your waters chemistry to determine existing Phosphate levels. Once readings have been measured our technicians deploy a specialized chemical Phosphate Treatment plan designed to get your water back in it's proper balance.

Starting at $200.00
Filter Cleaning

Includes breaking down filter system, cleaning filter cartridges, reassembly, lubrication of filter o-ring and visual inspection of filter cartridges for any cleat seperation or tearing.

Starting at $125.00
filter acid wash

Includes breaking down your filter system, bringing your filter elements to our facility where they will be acid washed and inspected.

Starting at $200.00
swamp cleanup

Swamp cleanups are a 3 to 5 day process beginning with visual inspection and water chemistry analysis to determine the appropriate chemical water treatment and clean-up process.

Starting at $350.00
spa drain and refill

Our trained technicians will ensure proper draining of your spa. We will preform a complete surface / lid wipe down and a complete start-up water chemistry balance.

Starting at $ 350.00

Our trained technician will inspect your salt cell and remove any necessary system components before preforming a light acid wash service on the salt cell. Once cleaned and thoroughly rinsed the cell is properly installed and returned to full service.

Starting at $125.00

Our trained technicians will visually inspect and confirm algae type and develop a comprehensive chemical treatment plan which includes a super oxidizer to assist the sodium hydrochloride in killing any existing mustard algae blooms.

Starting at $125.00

Black algae is an issue that requires ongoing maintenance and persistent treatment to assist in maintaining a clean pool surface. Often these treatments require ongoing monthly maintenance and highly specialized treatments.

Starting at $200.00

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